Zac can treat the following foot problems:

  • Painful callus (hard skin) build-up.

  • Corns and verrucae.

  • Ingrown, hard-to-cut and problem nails.

  • Foot injuries - gait analysis, pain reduction and orthotics.

He can also give advice on: preventative measures; self-help treatments and remedies, appropriate footwear; insoles and orthotics (prescription and non). 

Podiatry/Chiropody Treatment


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A popular treatment to tidy up your feet and leave you feeling like you are walking on air. Corn and callus removed, thickened or fungal nails, ingrown toenails are all treated in a an effective and gentle way.  As well as verrucae advice and treatment options discussed. However, you don't need to have particular problems to benefit from this treatment, nails are trimmed, hard skin gently removed, feet are left smooth and deeply moisturised.

Nail Surgery Package


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This treatment is recommended once all conservative options have been unsuccessful.  The package includes local anesthesia, permanent nail removal (all or part of the nail) and dressing appointments post-surgery as necessary.

Verruca Treatment


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After examination to confirm diagnosis of a verruca, Zac can use a number of different treatments including the use of an immune response triggering treatment where the skin is numbed with local anesthetic and a needling technique is used to create an inflammatory response, thus triggering an immune system reaction from within the verruca tissue.

Lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain and foot pain can sometimes be caused by malalignment within the basic structure of the foot.  A Biomechanical Assessment can assess your posture; muscle strength and definition; foot and leg function; the position, alignment and movement in your joints including your shoes and the way you walk.  All this information allows the best possible orthotics (insoles) for your individual needs to be recommended and ordered for you (this does not include the cost of the orthosis).

Biomechanical Assessment


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Home visits are available on Thursdays. The price depends on location.

  • £32 for Inverkeithing, North Queensferry, Rosyth and Dalgety Bay.

  • £35 for Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath and elsewhere within a 10 mile distance.

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